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Re: ifupdown's changed hook handling breaks other packages.


On Sat, 16 Jun 2012 19:05:06 +0200
Michael Biebl <biebl@debian.org> wrote:

> > Reassigning it back as it really is a bug in NetworkManager.

> I've asked for further justification.
> Just saying "really" isn't.
> If it is a bug in NetworkManager, then please show me where.

auto eth0

#NetworkManager#iface eth0 ...

is not a valid syntax.

So when we have interfaces 'defined' like this, initscripts' hook
thinks we've got all 0 interfaces up so it can start. Of course, this
needs to be fixed so it won't even try to do so. But the source of the
problem is that NetworkManager was abusing a bug in ifupdown's parser.

If you really wanted to 'hide' an interface, you should have commented
out all the 'auto' and 'allow-' lines, not 'iface', leaving 'auto'
intact, which apparently doesn't work.

Also calling ifupdown's hooks at random moments isn't a good idea

> If you suddenly decide to change the behaviour of ifupdown, then
> please co-ordinate such a change and get affected packages fixed
> beforehand. And let packages know what they need to change.

That wasn't suddenly. It's been documented always but didn't work a
little bit as expected. Exploiting a bug in a parser is always bad, and
there's no excuse for doing that. I can't possibly know every person
who's tried to misuse this software, and that's really a problem of
those persons. Or shouldn't bugs get fixed at all then if anyone
exploits them all the time?

I think that reassigning a bug to network-manager in a first place was
a clear enough message that something needs to be changed, so
reassigning it back multiple times isn't a good way of communication

WBR, Andrew

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