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ifupdown's changed hook handling breaks other packages.

reassign 656584  ifupdown
found 656584 0.7
severity 656584 grave
retitle 656584 changed hook handling breaks other packages

On 16.06.2012 18:35, Andrew Shadura wrote:
> reassign 656584 network-manager
> thanks
> Hello,
> On Sat, 16 Jun 2012 17:52:01 +0200
> Michael Biebl <biebl@debian.org> wrote:
>> This bug was reassigned to network-manager without further
>> justification, why, so I'm going to reassign it back.
> Reassigning it back as it really is a bug in NetworkManager.

I've asked for further justification.
Just saying "really" isn't.
If it is a bug in NetworkManager, then please show me where.

>> The 3 minute hangs are caused by the ifupdown hooks. Simply removing
>> network-manager is no indication that is actually a network-manager
>> bug. With the same reasoning I've could have just deleted the
>> ifupdown hooks.
> No, they're caused by NetworkManager abusing /etc/network/interfaces
> and ifupdown's hooks.

Where is NetworkManager abusing ifupdown's hooks?

>> Apparently this breakage was caused by an upgrade / changed behaviour
>> of ifupdown.
>> If this was broken by the ifupdown update, then this is a grave bug in
>> ifupdown i would say.
> Apparently not, it's ifupdown now a bit more strict regarding the
> syntax.

And it seems this breaks existing packages.
This is not acceptable behaviour imho.
Especially not, without coordination with affected packages.

If you suddenly decide to change the behaviour of ifupdown, then please
co-ordinate such a change and get affected packages fixed beforehand.
And let packages know what they need to change.

You keep repeating that this is a bug in network-manager, then be so
decent and show me where and provide me with the necessary documentation
of the changed ifupdown behaviour so I know how to fix it.
Or better, provide a patch.
And if necessary add corresponding Breaks to ifupdown so our users
aren't bitten by this.

So far you failed to provide any of this and only, stupidly re-assign
the bug back to network-manager.

Taking this to debian-devel, as I think as maintainer of ifupdown you
need to act a bit more responsible in such a case and I think you
disagree and consider this actions ok.


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