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Re: Migration path for 'Multi-Arch:allowed' packages

Andreas Barth <aba@ayous.org> writes:

> * David Kalnischkies (kalnischkies@gmail.com) [120612 18:03]:
>> You need to upgrade to support MultiArch,
>> but you need MultiArch to upgradeâ?¦
>> (beside, how would the detection for such a message look like?)
> We had discussed to export foreign-arch packages to the arches
> packages files at debconf. That would mean in this case that the
> amd64-packages file contains the i386-package wine-bin. That would
> allow to detect we need multi-arch packages easily (and avoid that
> people have to add all i386-packages to an amd64-system just to
> install wine-bin).

Not at present. When parsing binary-amd64/Packages all Arch:i386 are
filtered out and not added to the database, not as long as multiarch is
not enabled.

> In order to get that going, we would need to document in the release
> notes that certain packages either need to be put on hold prior to
> the upgrade in case they're installed or to upgrade apt, aptitude and
> dpkg first. Both had been done before.

The prefered default should be to keep them on hold, leave them as they
are. But that probably won't work out for everyone. Documenting that
they should be held back is the best that can be done there I think.

But after a partial update maybe we could do better. Maybe we could add
a flag "X-Needs-Multiarch: <arch>" to the few packages that need it and
through that get apt-get/aptitude to generate a better error message
when the required foreign architecture is not configured?


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