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Re: Summary: Moving /tmp to tmpfs makes it useless

Le mercredi 13 juin 2012 à 04:14 +0300, Serge a écrit : 
> Yes. Everything. Every popular /tmp usage that most users expect to work
> is limited either by CPU (gcc compiling) or by network speed (browser or
> flash temporaries), or is just too fast already (bash heredoc). So moving
> /tmp to tmpfs does not make them faster, but can break them instead (if
> there's not enough space to store a streamed video, for example).

You should really back up claims such as “GCC is CPU-bound” with data.

Because it sounds to me that when building with make -j8 on a fast
multi-core system, you will hit the IOPS limit of a rotating drive very

(And please stop with this streamed video red herring. We do not choose
solutions based on bugs in proprietary applications, especially when no
actual solution will really work around that bug - you will always find
a case when a video fills your disk.)

 .''`.      Josselin Mouette
: :' :
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