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Re: ${misc:Depends} injects broken versioned depends (Was: Bug#676455: gnumed-doc: uninstallable in sid: depends on outdated libjs-jquery-livequery)

On Thu, Jun 07, 2012 at 09:15:55AM +0200, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> > I suspect something is broken here with the dependency resulution.  Any
> > hint?  Any more affected packages?
> dh-linktree uses the version of the package on the build system to inject
> a (usually strong) dependency in ${misc:Depends}. If you built the package
> on a system that was not up-to-date, it's to be expected that the
> generated dependency might no longer be suitable for sid.

Usually I upgrade my build chroot but I can't swear that I did it
yesterday - so this might be an explanation.
> dh-linktree generates strong dependencies on purpose because the set of
> embedded files can evolve and you want to be sure that you regenerate the
> binary package when the upstream version of your dependency changes.

In how far is this different to other dependencies which are not
injected using dh-linktree.  I admit I can not share your point
completely here and I would love to at least see an option to switch
this version binding off (and I would definitely switch it off in all
packages I'm building or alternatively revert my packages to use
dh_links again).

> I should probably say a word about this in the dh_linktree manual page.

Not only say a word about it but rather warn about it.

Thanks for the quick and helpful explanation anyway



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