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Re: Idea: mount /tmp to tmpfs depending on free space and RAM

Stephan Seitz <stse+debian@fsing.rootsland.net> writes:

> On Tue, Jun 05, 2012 at 10:33:13AM +0200, Goswin von Brederlow wrote:
>>Personally I thing DVD ISO images (downloaded) belong in your $HOME
> Donâ??t you think this is getting quite ridiculous? Big temporary
> files belong in your $HOME, but small temporary files in /tmp? Only to
> switch /tmp from disk to RAM?

No, I just don't consider a 4.7GiB download a temporary thing. I still
have the mindset that that should take time, cost money and therefore be
precious and should not be lost on reboot.

>>somewhere. And locally generated should just pipe the image to the
>>burner unless you want to upload the image somewhere, in which case
> Or you want to keep it safe, until you are sure the burned DVD is
> working.
> Of course, if I want to keep the ISO it will be stored in $HOME, but
> then it isnâ??t a *temporary* file anymore. And /tmp *is* for
> temporary files.
>>$HOME again. Just imagine a power failure after you painstackingly
>>uploaded 99.9% of the iso and then you have to start from scratch again
>>because a reboot cleans /tmp.
> TMPTIME exists and can be set according to your needs and your safety
> concern.

Yeah, as noticed somewhere else TMPTIME conflicts with tmpfs. Didn't
even know that variable existed. So many hidden magic things to
configure stuff ...

>>Just out of interest: Do you have /tmp on /? Because if you do already
>>have a seperate /tmp partition then that obviously stays used.
> I always have separate partitions for /, /usr, /var, /tmp, /usr/local
> and /home (allright, with crappy software like udev and Co. which
> starts wanting files in /usr needlessy at the early boot stages, I
> will merge / and /usr in time). It isnâ??t a problem for me.
> But we are talking about defaults. You wish to tell new users that
> there two TB disk canâ??t really be used as they wish because Debian
> has a strange distinction between temporary files belonging in /tmp
> and temporary files donâ??t belonging in /tmp?

But does the default have to be maximised for the dumbest possible user?
Or should the default rather be for the intelligent user doing the right

> According to the discussion the installer will create one partition
> for swap and one for /. If this is true then the standard user has far
> more space on disk than he has RAM.

Just wait one more release and it will only be one partition with swap
files. And lets give that partition a drive letter like "C:\". :)
I realy don't like the direction DI is taking there.

> Shade and sweet water!
> 	Stephan


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