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Re: this bug .. bugs me

(No CC, please, I'm subscribed to -devel)

Quoting Michael Gilbert (mgilbert@debian.org):

> Anyway, we've had recent threads on the continuing issues with strong
> package maintenance, and from what I can tell, there is no clear
> direction.  The solution I'm pursuing is a liberal application of
> NMUs, and it seems to be working (albeit a bit slowly).  Do you have
> ideas on other more effective solutions?

You mean, besides completely hijacking the package? 

The last maintainer upload is dated 2010/05/23. 

So, from my POV, you (Michael) and Hilko Bengen seem to be the real
package maintainers for wine.

My suggestion: do a maintainer upload of 1.4 in unstable, unless it
would affect some transition. And do it now.

PS: I have no particular interest in wine, but, really, from what I
see, this seems to be the only solution to bring  more life to the
package.  And, of course, I have no authority (except my ignorance)
for suggesting this. Just giving my advice..:)

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