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Upgrade path for packages that dropped ia32-libs for wheezy


I have a non-free package that is distributable but comes precompiled
for i386. Squeeze (and previous) released an amd64 package that
depended on ia32-libs. For wheezy we've been able to use multiarched
libraries to drop the dependency. Is there a mechanism that will make
the upgrade to wheezy work for the package? Right now dpkg uninstalls
the package (because it sees the data package, which is "all" but
can't find the corresponding binary package in amd64), users are
confused, find a bug report on the BTS or the changelog on a debian
site telling them to enable i386 in dpkg, then they install the :i386
package and it works.

This may just be a non-free issue people have to deal with, I just
wanted to see if there was a better way or plan in place to handle


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