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Re: Starting services automatically after install

Hi Tollef,

On 12-06-01 at 09:55pm, Tollef Fog Heen wrote:
> ]] Jonas Smedegaard 
> > Hi Aaron,
> > 
> > On 12-06-01 at 11:22am, Aaron Toponce wrote:
> > > Just because I have installed a service package, doesn't mean I 
> > > want the service immediately running after installation. I would 
> > > like to spend the necessary time as an administrator to configure 
> > > and secure the service to my liking, before starting the service.
> > 
> > Debian goal is - as you probably know already - for packages to work 
> > out of the box.  For daemons this means they are started by default.
> The problem here is of course for those that really need a bit of 
> configuration before they're usable.
> [...]
> > You can override the default of daemons using policy.d.
> A problem with using policy-rc.d is you don't know whether a service 
> is being started because it's the initial install or if it's because 
> of an upgrade.  I'll sometimes not want the service to start on 
> initial installation (because chef is just about to plop its 
> configuration into place), but if it's an upgrade, then please just 
> restart the service.

You could setup your local policy to check if the service exist in e.g. 
/etc/local-ok-services/ and then when you've customized or 
security-checked or whatever each service you do a

   touch /etc/local-ok-services/$service

Or did I misunderstand?

(We haven't spoken much in person, but I regard you as pretty clever so 
am surprised that you describe this as a problem and I feel it so simple 
to solve...)


 - Jonas

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