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Re: Moving /tmp to tmpfs is fine

2012/5/28 Thomas Goirand wrote:

>> The truth is that tmpfs IS FASTER in some cases. The problem is that
>> *nobody* can notice that on *real* applications.
> Serge, I'm on your side of the discussion, but the above is simply
> not truth.

You mean you know some real applications becoming noticeably faster
having /tmp on tmpfs?

> And by the way, that's not the issue. The issue is potential
> breakage, which we want to avoid *at all costs*.

That does not work. I tried that.

When I say "Hey, a lot of software breaks because of your change", I get
the answer "It's not my change in fault, it's the software, go fix it".
This is exactly what I got in that thread, by the way.

But when I say "Hey, your change have broken a lot of software and
brought nothing good", then people start thinking, why should they mess
with fixing a lot of software, if they get nothing in return anyway.
This is what we have with "/tmp on tmpfs" change.


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