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Re: Orphaning php-codesniffer, then take it over by the PHP PEAR team


On 29.05.2012 21:51, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> Seems you had several years of solving this issue, yet you waited until 

Similarly, the maintainer had 4 years to care about his package.

> Did you consider an NMU?

That might be an alternative, but looking at the current bug list people
will argue about the lacking ground to base a NMU on. It does not really
qualify as a typical NMU candidate.

People shouldn't be (so) afraid to hijack and NMU packages if they take
care of virtually unmaintained packages. There is nothing to apologize
or feel sorry about when improving Debian's overall quality.

Having that said, 5 days of (private) conversation is perhaps really a
bit too short to hijack a package. I'd expect that process to include
several weeks of waiting time for an answer at least.

Therefore I can see good reasons to hijack such a package. But not in
such a hurry. If you really care enough, do a minimally invasive but
clearly hostile NMU to start with and give the maintainer a reasonable
time frame to respond.

Do also CC the MIA team in your conversations, there are other packages
Jack maintains which are long outdated and were NMUed already.

with kind regards,
Arno Töll
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