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Re: Making -devel discussions more viable

]] Arto Jantunen 

> I think the only technical decision that needs to be made at this point
> is removing the Essential mark from sysvinit. The consensus for that
> should be somewhat more reachable, even if the technical implementation
> may have some open questions.

I don't think anybody is opposed to removing the flag, the question is
how we should go about doing it.  Roger Leigh has done some work on it
already, but I don't think it's complete yet, so somebody needs to put
in some more effort for it to be considered done.

> In addition to that it would be nice if everyone could agree to not work
> against a certain init implementation (for example by refusing to
> include the startup file for that init when someone else has written one
> and submited it as a wishlist bug).

I don't think it's reasonable to ask maintainers to support init systems
they don't know about and don't have any interest in.  Maintainers
should be free to include startup scripts for non-sysvinit inits, but it
should not mandated they accept patches they can't meaningfully

Tollef Fog Heen
UNIX is user friendly, it's just picky about who its friends are

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