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Re: RFC: OpenRC as Init System for Debian

On Monday 07 May 2012, Gergely Nagy wrote:
> > well, that's another 10 lines of shell worst case. We haven't
> > agreed on how exactly to handle it and make it configurable and
> > stuff (especially as tools like monit cover that niche better)
> That's one of my issues with any init system that does not have
> this built in: it needs to be written. And if it needs to be
> written, in shell...
> > So, whenever a CGroup becomes empty we trigger a script. That
> > script now can do ... well ... everything.
> ...things will go terribly wrong, unless you have a strict control
> of the init scripts. Which you won't, if packages ship their own,
> without a central authority that tells them what can and what
> can't be done.
> While I dislike certain aspects of systemd, and initially disliked
> that it got rid of my trusty old shell-based initscripts, it is
> certainly MUCH harder to screw things up when you're given far
> less power.
> When the power is in the system itself, not given to individual
> scripts, that in my opinion, is much safer in the long run.

but sometimes it is necessary to do unusual things in init scripts to 
properly intregrate a service into the system. How to deal with that? 
Write shell wrappers that are executed from systemd?

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