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Re: RFC: OpenRC as Init System for Debian

On 05/08/12 00:04, Marco d'Itri wrote:
> On May 07, Ben Hutchings <ben@decadent.org.uk> wrote:
>> Means that services can be started (and stopped?) in response to events
>> such as hardware discovery, incoming network connections, the status of
>> other services, and so on.  (With dependencies still taken into
>> account.)
> I want to add another major event: the service exiting.
> Being able to reliably monitor and automatically restart a failed 
> service is critical.
well, that's another 10 lines of shell worst case. We haven't agreed on
how exactly to handle it and make it configurable and stuff (especially
as tools like monit cover that niche better)

but - here's the magic:
$ cat /sys/fs/cgroup/openrc/release_agent

So, whenever a CGroup becomes empty we trigger a script. That script now
can do ... well ... everything.
Including restarting ${SVCNAME}.

Where we disagree is mostly the policy - is that enabled by default?
(potentially bad)
What if a service gets restarted multiple times? (infinite loop)
Do we want to add a general notifier? (send an email, "foo crashed, I
restarted it)

Apart from that it's trivial to add restarting functionality.
>> No, enough politeness.  We get that you like the way Gentoo does things
>> (lots of options, you get to keep the pieces when they break), but some
>> of us are trying to make Debian better than that.  We don't need more
>> half-assed options, we need a solution.
> AOL.
Y'all really want to play that game?

Ok, let me play too. I like games.

Bash - debian had netdevices disabled for the longest time, which made
it impossible to just use a normal script that leveraged that awesome
feature. So, uhm, not cool.

Some packages broken on purpose. See nginx (old stupid version not
supported by upstream) that has some random broken thirdparty modules
compiled in so that the upstream documentation doesn't apply for
loadbalancing. Extra bonus: that breakage got imported into other
distros like ubuntu.
"But a single package is not representative of the distro" yeah right,
now suddenly that's not fair game?


Now, we can just continue mudslinging, and in the end it's great fun but
nothing productive, or you guys could just stop looking down on
everything else and accept that sometimes other people do produce decent

If you want to make Debian better you could start by looking at where
others have eclipsed you already and figure out how to catch up. Unless
you are willing to accept that possibility and learn you'll be stuck in
NIH hell and rediscover every little corner case and trivial  bug that
others already fixed years ago.

But, hey, that's not my fight. I won't stop you from being silly, I just
reserve the right to point and laugh at appropriate times.

Have a nice day,


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