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Re: RFC: OpenRC as Init System for Debian

On 04/27/12 03:08, Ben Hutchings wrote:
> >> Don't assume dynamic device detection is only about personal machines 
> >> or USB. It's useful in a much wider context.
>> Agreed it is *useful* in many cases.
>> But I also agree that it is not *required* in *all* cases.
>> I believe Debian still supports running locally compiled kernels which 
>> do not depend on udev, and that some setups do not require udev either 
>> (not everyone use fibre channel).
> It is supported only in the sense that it is not yet impossible.
> Please don't ask anyone to spend time to avoid udev dependencies;
> hotplugging is normal and udev is the proper way to handle all
> devices the Linux kernel finds.
Actually ... mdev does the job quite nicely.

All (well, almost all) udev does is listen on a netlink socket for
kernel events, then look which rule matches and then do what the rule
tells you to do.

There's no strict dependency on udev, it's just a convenient default
implementation. And as it has gotten more inconvenient maybe we should
just add a udev rule parser to mdev and be done with it?

Have fun,


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