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Re: [Pkg-javascript-devel] Node.js and it's future in debian

On 12-04-28 at 03:31am, Carl Fürstenberg wrote:
> There has been an log struggle between the nodejs package and the node 
> package, which is still unresolved (bug #611698 for example) And I 
> wonder now what the future should look like.
> To summarize the problem:
> * the nodejs upstream binary is called "node", and the upstream
> developers have refused to change it's binary name to nodejs for
> debian;
> * The the hamradio package "node" shipping a binary called "node", and
> as it's so old, the developers argue that the package must ship a
> binary called "node" or breakage will occur.
> * The reason the nodejs developers want to ship the binary as "node"
> is because all programs written for nodejs all has /usr/bin/node in
> it's shebang
> * the nodejs package are not allowed to conflict on the node package
> just because the binary name is the same
> As I'm not a hamradio user, I'm off course biased towards letting 
> nodejs having the "node" binary and let it pass to testing. But we 
> must find a solution to this, as nodejs is getting more and more used, 
> and developers are forced to install nodejs from source to be able to 
> use it instead of install it via the package manager.

As I understand the current status, it has already on this list been 
resolved that *both* packages should back off from using the clashing 
name "node".

I also am biased in one direction but shall not say which as I see no 
benefit at this point in rehashing the discussion: Both packaging 
"camps" have clearly demonstrated a lack of interest in letting the 
other use the name "node", which means we must both step off of it.

Just today there was progress on the side of Node.js - see bug#650343.

 - Jonas

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