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biber (from TeXLive 2011) crashes on Debian testing/unstable

Hello everyone,

before asking here I have tried the German user mailing list of Debian
and comp.text.tex, too, but nobody could help me there, yet. So please
forgive me for sending my concern directly to the DD list.

I'm running Debian unstable (32 bit) on various machines with local
installations of TeXLive 2011 (both Debian and TeXLive are updated
daily). Since a few days biber (which is part of TeXLive and replaces
the old bibtex) crashes on all machines with a segmentation fault:

[12:25][marcus@black-ice:~]$ biber -version
Segmentation fault

Apr 28 12:25:52 black-ice kernel: [1216918.909369]
/usr/local/texl[14001]: segfault at 0 ip b7591a11 sp bfd15c8c error 4 in

This segmentation fault also happens on a fresh install of Debian
testing (I used the Debian netinstall image from April 26).

biber can also be downloaded directly from
and both the official release 0.9.9 and the development version give a

I have reported this issue to Philip Kime, the author of biber, and he
confirmed the crash. There was a similar issue on Debian testing 64 bit
but now biber seems to work again on 64 bit:


However, biber still fails to run on the 32 bit version of Debian
testing/unstable. I'm still in contact with Philip but he could not find
a solution, yet, and asked me to ask the Debian people for help.
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to figure out myself which recent change in
Debian triggers the crash and makes biber incompatible with current
Debian versions.

I have uploaded the output of "strace biber --version" to
<URL:http://pastebin.com/eeLZVwpz>. Would anyone be willing to help me?

Best regards,
Bender: "Ahhh, what an awful dream. Ones and zeroes everywhere... and I thought
         I saw a two."

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