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Re: thttpd

Russ Allbery dijo [Thu, Apr 26, 2012 at 09:06:36AM -0700]:
> nginx seems to be the one everyone is using these days, but there are tons
> of web servers in Debian.
>     grep-aptavail -F Provides -s Package,Description httpd
> returns aolserver4-daemon, boa, bozohttpd, cherokee, lighttpd, mathopd,
> micro-httpd, mini-httpd, monkey, webfs, and yaws in addition to nginx (and
> of course Apache), as well as some other stuff that looks more
> specialized.

Now that this has been brought to the d-devel attention: I have been
so far the Cherokee maintainer. Sadly, I sent out a RFA in November,
and filed a removal request a couple of days ago.

Cherokee is a very lean, very agile webserver, with a great helper for
managing configuration in a user-friendly way. I would not like to see
it be dropped from Debian, but cannot devote time to maintaining it

So, this message goes as a final help call: If you are interested in
picking up Cherokee and maintaining it, I'll be most delighted to
explain some of its bits.


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