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Re: thttpd

On 27.04.2012 00:17, Chow Loong Jin wrote:
> On 27/04/2012 02:59, Oleg wrote:
>>   Yes, i'm searching a tiny httpd for an embedded system with cgi support and
>> possibly with http basic authentication support.
>>   Thank you. I didn't know about busybox httpd.
> No problem. busybox httpd supports CGI (just throw scripts into cgi-bin), but it
> looks like Debian's busybox isn't built with CGI support. You could probably
> file a bug for this. I submitted a patch to Ubuntu to enable it early last year.
> HTTP basic authentication is also supported by busybox.

Heck.  Thank you for reminder.  I was looking at something to
replace bozohttpd I use (because it is just too buggy), but
I forgot about busybox, which I maintain these days! :)
And it has exactly things I need - simple, inetd mode and
trivial cgi-bin support.

And indeed, there are a few bugreports against busybox about
missing httpd features which I'd like to address.

/me goes off to enable some stuff in busybox...

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