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Re: Plans to (re-)include cgroups in wheezy?

* Michael Hanke <mih@debian.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to get Condor [0] included into wheezy. I just now realized
> that the cgroups package [1] which condor currently depends on is in a
> rather bad shape (numerous bugs, only little maintainer response, last
> upload a year ago, one upstream release behind).
> Looking at HOWTOs like [2] it seems that the overall setup of cgroups in
> Debian is suboptimal -- but I'm not really in the position to judge, as
> I have no personal experience with cgroups.
> However, I'd like to know if there is anybody (maintainer CC'ed) working
> on getting cgroups in shape and have it in wheezy (Squeeze came with
> cgroups support BTW).  If there is not such effort, I'll probably
> disable Condor's cgroups features for now, as it would take me too long
> to get up to speed with cgroups before the upcoming freeze.

You raise a good point, I am currently working on this package and I would love
to see it included in Wheezy if possible.  The new upstream release is actually
worse for me than the previous version, so I have quite a bit to do in order to
get things into shape.

If Condor is still reasonably usable without support for cgroups via libcgroup,
I would go that route -- at least in the short term.  Several of libcgroup's
problems are fairly complex, I'm doing all that I can given the time that I have
to get things sorted.  If anyone has input or would like to contribute, please
do so.  I'm more that willing to collaborate.


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