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Bug#664257: multiarch tuples are not documented/defined

Ian Jackson <ijackson@chiark.greenend.org.uk> writes:

> Matthias Klose writes ("Bug#664257: multiarch tuples are not documented/defined"):
>> On 18.04.2012 05:16, Jonathan Nieder wrote:
>> > I think the Multiarch/Tuples wiki page is now in a sane state, though
>> > as always it could presumably be improved even more.  I think future
>> > required improvements can be tracked separately.  Do you mind if this
>> > bug is closed?
>> lowered the severity. IMO it should stay open until multiarch is incorporated
>> into the FHS and/or the LSB.
> We do not normally keep a bug open in the Debian BTS that cannot be
> fixed in Debian.
> What change to the Debian operating system, or to processes,
> documents, infrastructure or organisational arrangements, maintained
> by the Debian project, is this bug requesting ?
> Ian.

Aren't the Upstream and Forwarded tags exactly for this situation?


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