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Bug#664257: multiarch tuples are not documented/defined

Matthias Klose writes ("Bug#664257: multiarch tuples are not documented/defined"):
> On 18.04.2012 05:16, Jonathan Nieder wrote:
> > I think the Multiarch/Tuples wiki page is now in a sane state, though
> > as always it could presumably be improved even more.  I think future
> > required improvements can be tracked separately.  Do you mind if this
> > bug is closed?
> lowered the severity. IMO it should stay open until multiarch is incorporated
> into the FHS and/or the LSB.

We do not normally keep a bug open in the Debian BTS that cannot be
fixed in Debian.

What change to the Debian operating system, or to processes,
documents, infrastructure or organisational arrangements, maintained
by the Debian project, is this bug requesting ?


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