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Re: mass bug filing: debcheckout fails

Ansgar Burchardt <ansgar@debian.org> writes:

> The ones I saw just asked to drop "+ssh" from Vcs-* fields which I
> imagine a new lintian check could also achieve.

Merely dropping the “+ssh” is unlikely to result in a working URL, at
least for many such repositories. Often, the publicly-accessible URL is
quite different from the SSH-accessible URL.

This is because the public-accessible URL is made available relative to
the root of a (usually) web service; whereas the SSH-accessible URL is
relative to the filesystem root directory, or the home directory of
whoever logs in. Switching from one to the other needs to consider this

So I would suggest that the reports you file should not talk
particularly about “+ssh”; they should instead point out that the URLs
are not currently accessible by the public, and request that the
public-accessible repository URL be specified.

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