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Shanghai BSP on the 29 and 30th of April at Peoople Squared

Hey folks!

As already announced on the DPN (Debian Project News from April 16th,
2012), we will have a Debian BSP (Bug Squashing Party) event on the 29th
and 30th of April  2012. That's in a little bit more than a week, so
it's more than time to send the announcement!

All the practical details about this (I believe first) Shanghai BSP are
available in the Debian wiki:

We would really like to know how many people will attend to the event,
so if you are planning to come, please add yourself in this page in the
Attendees section (just click the edit button on the right).

It was previously planned to do it on the 28th and 29th, but as the
Chinese government decided that nobody will work on Monday, and that
instead, everybody would work on the Saturday 28th, then we moved the
event on Sunday 29th and Monday 30th of April.

The event will be hosted by People Squared, which has a place that is
very comfortable and nice (it has just been renewed). For more details
about People Squared, have a look over here:

Thanks already to them, and to Bob Zheng, who immediately accepted to
host the event.

This event is also co-organized by the Shanghai Linux User Group, which
will also announce the event on their list.

Since we know there's not a lot of contributors to Debian in Shanghai,
this BSP will be open to newbies. 2 Debian Developers, myself and Li
Daobing, will be there to assist and help you to help (and maybe, other
DDs will join). So if you don't have much experience about bug
squashing, but want to help, you are warmly welcome as well.

See you soon, hacking at the Shanghai BSP,

Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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