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Re: Intend to transition openjpeg 1.5

On 18/04/12 12:51, Mathieu Malaterre wrote:
>> Intention to do what?
> Move the package from experimental once buildd are ok to unstable and
> then testing...

This is a transition. Before starting a transition, open a
release.debian.org bug asking the release team to schedule it, and wait
for an OK from them before proceeding.

(The release team are also the people who will schedule the binNMUs
needed to get things rebuilt against the new version.)

> I would appreciate if you could check if #PACKAGE# can be built using
> the newer openjpeg 1.5 version.

Can't you try this yourself as part of your testing for the new version,
and only file bugs on packages that either had problems/will need
sourceful uploads, or you don't know how to test?


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