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Re: lsb-base "Fancy output"; please test lsb-base/experimental (4.1+Debian0+fancy0)

On 04/04/2012 05:35 PM, Didier 'OdyX' Raboud wrote:
> Hi -devel (and -lsb),
> I have recently uploaded lsb-base 4.1+Debian0+fancy0 to experimental. As
> this version introduces a small change that has a big visual impact on
> the Debian boot, I would like to get some feedback on it before
> uploading it to unstable.
> In short, this version implements a new "fancy output" in the form of
> [....] blocks prepended to the daemon status messages:
>   Before:
>      Starting/stopping long daemon name: daemond daemon2d
>   After:
>      [....] Starting/stopping long daemon name: daemond daemon2d
> This block will become either a green [ ok ], a yellow [warn] or a red
> [FAIL] depending on the daemon exit status. I plan to implement blue
> [info] blocks for log_action_msg calls too.
I like it as well. *please* don't remove it, and send this to SID,
even deactivated by default (a simple switch in a configuration
file to have this would be cool anyway).

Debian shouldn't be the only distro where things stay ugly... :)



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