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Re: Social Networking Servers

On 12-04-10 at 01:35pm, Russell Coker wrote:
> http://www.antipope.org/charlie/blog-static/2012/03/not-an-april-fool-1.html
> The perils of commercial social networking are becoming more widely 
> known, as demonstrated by the above post by Charles Stross and the 
> article he cites.


> We also have a RFP for diaspora-x2, Jonas reported working on this and 
> having a private repository just over a year ago with no updates 
> since.
> Is there any progress being made on packaging these systems?  Are 
> there other social networking systems released under free licenses 
> that we can package?

I am working on packaging Buddycloud, for which diaspora-x2 was a 
web-based client which has since been replaced with buddycloud-client - 
yet to be packaged.

I'll look into updating the ITPs to reflect that.  Thanks for bringing 
it to my attention.

Others already responded more generally about possible Free federation 
social networking tools.  Feel free to ask more if you feel your 
curiosity for this area have not yet been fulfilled :-)

 - Jonas

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