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Re: Bits from Debian Med team


Thanks for your work and your report.

Le 17/03/2012 06:22, Andreas Tille a écrit :

> 1. Debian Med Bug Squashing Advent Calendar 2011
> ------------------------------------------------
> In December last year Thorsten Alteholz has started a nice QA
> initiative[1a] which might be interesting for other teams next Advent.
> The Debian Med team was able to fix about 70 bugs in this time.  Thanks
> to Thorsten for this nice piece of motivation and thanks to everybody
> who took part in the bug squashing.
>  [1a] http://debian-med.alteholz.de/advent/

Thanks for your initiative, but I don't really feel comfortable with the
way you “baptized” it. Would it be possible to avoid religious-based
naming scheme?



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