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Re: [OT] NM vs. wicd

Hi Svante,

Excerpts from Svante Signell's message of 2012-04-01 20:56:40 +0200:
> Adding to the problems with NM, it is not even possible to edit or add a
> connection: Failed to add new connection: (32) Insufficient privileges.
> Looks like you have to start the graphical environment with: ConsoleKit,
> used by e.g. GDM to be prompted for a root password?
> I started X with gdm3, but still no possibility to edit any connections.
> Very informative message, indeed. And evolution does not start when
> using ifupdown.,.. Things are really progressing _against_ the user, no
> doubt.
Create a file called
with the following contents:

[Allow user michael to create wireless connections for all users]

Replacing 'michael' with your UNIX user name of course. Restart NM, and you
should be able to edit connections as you like. I do agree that this doesn’t
seem documented well.

Best regards,

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