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Re: On init in *Debian*

On 03/21/2012 05:42 PM, Thomas Hood wrote:
> Technical and other merits of contending init systems have been
> discussed here at some length. I think we should focus on another
> question, namely, which alternative is best suited to *Debian*, taking
> into consideration Debian's developer community structure (many
> independent package maintainers, minimalistic policy) and the role of
> Debian in relation to other distributions, most importantly Ubuntu.
> Init system foo might be technically fabulous, but if maintaining foo
> in Debian requires frequent simultaneous changes to many packages then
> foo might not be well suited to Debian.
> By "alternatives" I mean alternative sets of sets of supported init systems:
> * sysvinit for all kernels
> * Upstart for Linux; sysvinit for others
> * systemd for Linux; sysvinit for others
> * sysvinit and optionally Upstart for Linux; sysvinit for others
> * sysvinit and optionally Upstart and optionally systemd for Linux,
> sysvinit and optionally systemd for others
> etc., etc.,

I really think that what's missing here is:
- Improve sysvinit and make it better to fit our needs without breaking
anything (eg: less scripts redundancy, parallel booting, ...).


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