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Re: On init in Debian

On 03/20/2012 07:14 AM, Tollef Fog Heen wrote:
> ]] Russ Allbery 
>> md@Linux.IT (Marco d'Itri) writes:
>>> On Mar 17, Josselin Mouette <joss@debian.org> wrote:
>>>> It is for trivial cases (>90% of init scripts) that this is the most
>>>> interesting. Non-trivial cases could still be handled by shipping a
>>>> manually written init script together.
>>> But for the trivial cases we can just keep using sysv init scripts until
>>> a winner emerges.
>> I would dearly like to stop using sysv init scripts for the trivial cases
>> as soon as I can, since they just introduce a bunch of possible bugs
>> without much real benefit.
> FWIW, I have a proposal for a GSoC task this year to write a
> systemd-to-initscript converter,
> http://wiki.debian.org/SummerOfCode2012/Projects#SysV-init_file_creator_from_systemd_service_files
> The systemd service files are covered by the «interface guarantee»,
> meaning they won't change incompatibly in a future release of systemd,
> so I think having that as the base format would be fairly reasonable,
> though probably just a subset so it's portable to other kernels and init
> systems.

Sounds like a good plan to make the fanboys of both sides of the world
happy - I have no idea if its possible, but maybe also generate upstart

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