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Re: On init in Debian

Le vendredi 16 mars 2012 à 18:39 +0100, Marco d'Itri a écrit : 
> On Mar 16, Vincent Danjean <vdanjean.ml@free.fr> wrote:
> > * We could try to define a file format that allow a conversion (by a
> >   separate specific tool or at runtime) to various init systems.
> >   This would avoid to be blocked by the syntax/features of one "source"
> >   init system.
> I doubt that this is possible except for the most trivial cases (which 
> are not interesting), because the three init systems do not have the 
> same features and they have different semantics.

It is for trivial cases (>90% of init scripts) that this is the most
interesting. Non-trivial cases could still be handled by shipping a
manually written init script together.

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