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Re: upstart: please update to latest upstream version

[Josh Triplett]
> To give one particular example: systemd uses Linux-specific features
> to accurately track all the processes started by a service, which
> allows accurate monitoring and shutdown of processes which could
> otherwise disassociate themselves from their parent processes via the
> usual daemonizing trick.

This "one particular example" is the same feature (cgroups) that
everyone keeps talking and talking about.  Everyone keeps saying
"systemd uses Linuxisms like cgroups", but nobody mentions any others.
Is this the only major Linuxism in systemd, or is it just the only one
that's interesting enough to talk about?

I ask because, if porting systemd to kFBSD is a mere matter of
emulating cgroups with jails (from what I understand, jails provide
roughly a superset of cgroups functionality), that's a somewhat
different picture than I've been assuming.
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