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Split arch:all contents to Contents-all.gz


I don't think it was on -devel yet, so here it goes:

Copying from Ansgars original message:

The arch:all part of Contents-*.gz are ~15 MB of the total 20 MB per 
architecture (as could be seen on Contents-armhf.gz which has no 
arch:any packages yet).  I was wondering if we might want to move this 
to a Contents-all.gz that could be shared between all architectures.

Note that this would also require changes to tools using the contents 
files as they would need to also download (and use) the -all file.

I do think we should do it, and even think it should be in time for
Wheezy, if we do it soonish. For the user it shouldn't change anything,
the tools need to download 2 files and use them, and our dists/ will get

bye, Joerg
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