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Re: Bug#661565: ITP: nyancat -- Terminal-based Pop Tart Cat animation

On 28/02/12 09:08 AM, Jakub Wilk wrote:
> * Lars Wirzenius <liw@liw.fi>, 2012-02-28, 12:58:
>> Is this worth including in Debian? It's funny for several
>> microfortnights, but how many people really need to install this?
> Completely agreed. We should not accept any new packages in section
> games and then proceed to remove all the existing ones.

Just the ones with user populations of zero.

Anyone can enjoy the animation by telnetting to the public address. How
many people without telnet access are going to miss this if not included
in Debian?

>> Debian already has 35 thousand binary packages. Do we really need to
>> package everything? Even a tiny software toy brings a bit of burden to
>> the entire project:
>> translators need to translate the description, etc.
> New translations increase amount of data you have to download every
> day.  Ban translations!

Having trouble comprehending how the translators having to translate
nyancat's description places a burden on the project?


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