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Re: please advice: restrict architectures in advance or leave it alone?

Yaroslav Halchenko <debian@onerussian.com> writes:

> Hi,
> I am about to upload a fresh new package -- CDE
> http://www.stanford.edu/~pgbovine/cde.html
> which is heavily based on strace (pretty much it is a code fork of
> strace to provide necessary functionality).
> Upstream author maintains it for x86 architectures only and
> unfortunately has neither time, nor hardware (nor intention at the
> moment) to support others.
> I know that it would fail to build on powerpc, sparc and most probably
> would fail to build on anything else (but x86 linux) from the list
> of architectures strace supports.  so the question -- should I even
> bother to upload attempting to build for that wide set of architectures
> or should immediately restrict to amd64 and i386?
> would porters be interested in contributing to patch it for those other
> architectures (upstream author says that it shouldn't be hard but might
> be trickier to test since his test battery is not yet made generally
> usable)?
> Thank you in advance for the feedback

Unless the way it fails to build puts the buildds at risk or take overly
long do allow all architectures.

Then check the logs for each architecture on why it fails and how hard
it would be for you to fix that. Ask the porters to help out.

Only when that fails, and give it a few month for some porter to step
up, I would start disabling architectures. Since the package has never
been built on any architecture the build failures will not hold you back
in any way. All they do is generate build logs.


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