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Re: Description-less Packages indices

Davide Prina writes ("Re: Description-less Packages indices"):
> the DDTSS is totally broken :-(

Well, I don't know anything about "DDTSS".  I don't know what it is,
at all, and I have never been involved in the translation effort.  But
I do think I understand how the client code works, mostly anyway, and
I support the dak change to split off the long descriptions into their
own files.

So in a spirit of cooperation and of trying to fix up the problems
caused by changes I support, I'm offering to take a look at trying to
fix "DDTSS" if someone can point me at it, help explain what's going
on, and so forth.

But first, are there any of the people who wrote DDTSS, or currently
run it, reading this ?  We will need help from them if we are to
install or test modified versions.  I will also probably need to be
able to run a copy of DDTSS it on my own computer for testing.

> > It must be possible to undone this change, until a solution for
> > the translation robot has been prepared.
> +1

IMO the robot should be fixed ASAP.  Can someone please help by
pointing me to the relevant pieces ?  (Why does DDTSS not have a
"download my running source code" link?)

NB I'm not on debian-i18n.


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