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Re: Bug#657949: Cannot install libhdf5-mpi-dev and libnetcdf-dev

Le mercredi 01 février 2012 à 19:43 -0600, Steve M. Robbins a écrit :
> > Unfortunately they were still not available for that at the time of
> > my last poking.  Diverging from upstream is not a good idea, so we
> > still have to live in a non perfect world...
> I think we can no longer live in the status quo (see all the blockers
> of #631019), so something has to give.  Even if it is painful, perhaps
> Debian could pioneer something and pass patches back to upstream?
I asked upstream for their opinions on this subject.

Here is the answer:
"There are no current plans to change the parallel HDF5 library name to
another name. However, this has been a source of confusion over the years,
so I entered a bug report for it. (I don't know of any ramifications to
renaming the parallel library, but I think the best solution would
be for us to provide it with a different name.)"
(the bug report is not public).

As Julien suggested a few days ago on IRC, we could provide a patch for
this but I don't think it is a technical issue but more
organisation/politic issue for their users. 

We could try to make Debian move to the renaming of all MPI HDF5
libraries but this will be diverging a lot from upstream while
confusing our users (but I don't know if it would confuse less or more
than the current solution).


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