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[DEP9] call for testing of reconf-inetd (update-inetd replacement)


reconf-inetd is the replacement of update-inetd, as per DEP9. Unlike past
proposals for replacing update-inetd, this one is actually implemented and
available in experimental.

This should be of interest for services that

    - require separate inetd.conf entries for ipv4/ipv6 versions

    - have more than one implementation in the archive (eg. proftpd vs

Please read sections IV & V of DEP9 on how to transition your package, and
let me know of any issues.

To test it, in a nutshell:

    - make your package install xinetd.conf(5) fragment files in
      /usr/share/reconf-inetd/, one file per service that needs an entry in

    - run reconf-inetd as root

    - check whether an entry has been added in /etc/inetd.conf.

reconf-inetd will not add inetd.conf entries for services whose server path is
non-existent, or whose protocol/service name/server path combination matches
an existing inetd.conf entry

For more details see DEP9 and the feature files at



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