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Re: Please test gzip -9n - related to dpkg with multiarch support

I wrote:
> Or to put it another way: if currently
>   libfoo1 (1.1) contains and needs /usr/share/libfoo1/foo-data-1.1
>   libfoo1 (1.2) contains and needs /usr/share/libfoo2/foo-data-1.2
> then splitting the foo-data out into
>   libfoo1-data (1.1) <-depends- libfoo1 (1.1)
>   libfoo1-data (1.2) <-depends- libfoo1 (1.2)
> means that when the libfoo packages are upgraded, there will be a
> substantial period when we have /usr/lib/libfoo1.so.1.2 installed and
> the symlink libfoo1.so.1 points to it, but
> /usr/share/libfoo2/foo-data-1.2 is missing.

... or vice versa, of course.  How long this situation persists will


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