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Re: MATE Desktop Environment in Debian

Il 2012-02-08 11:44 Mehdi Dogguy ha scritto:
On 08/02/12 09:55, Josselin Mouette wrote:
MATE introduces a lot of code duplication, which is considered bad
in Debian, and is based on obsolete technologies - not just GTK2,
which will of course remain for a long time, but also things like
Bonobo which very few people really understand, and which are the
cause of a lot of not-well-understood bugs.
Maybe this could benefit to both parties if MATE team tries to reduce
usage of obsolete libraries to a bare minimum, and avoid using bug
monsters (like Bonobo and others). I guess this means a lot of work, but that's the price to pay to ease its maintainability on the long term and having it packaged within Debian. Did MATE team consider such a plan? If
yes, what was the outcome of the discussion?

Yeah. In our roadmap there is the dismissal of the obsolete libraries,
like the replacement of MateConf (the fork of GConf) with GSettings, and
so on. We are studying how replace Bonobo and ORBIT, too.
About this point I talked some time ago with Karen Sandler to find a
meeting point with GNOME3 developers to share more libraries possible
between the two desktop environments, to reduce the duplicated work.
I dont think work only on fallback session is the solution, because
GNOME3 is based on a different idea. I saw some gnome design team mockups
of all applications, and I find its far from GNOME2.

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