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Re: Please test gzip -9n - related to dpkg with multiarch support

On 08/02/12 10:22, Neil Williams wrote:
> Nothing in /usr/share/ matters for a cross package created by
> dpkg-cross (with the possible exception of /usr/share/pkg-config
> which was always anachronistic).

I'd understood that /usr/share/pkgconfig should be used for the
sort of packages that would now be Multi-Arch:foreign?

Looking in my instance of that directory, I only see Architecture:all
packages (like gnome-icon-theme and gtk-doc), and Architecture:any
packages whose API is in terms of running executables or making D-Bus
calls rather than linking libraries (like udev and systemd).

udev and systemd both also ship libraries, as it happens, but those
libraries have their own .pc files, which are correctly under /usr/lib.

If this is a concern, maybe we should have a Lintian check that
/usr/share/pkgconfig/*.pc must not have a non-trivial value in their
Libs, Cflags or Libs.private fields? (Some arch-independent .pc files do
have those fields, but their values are empty, as in gnome-icon-theme -
that seems valid.)


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