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Bug#658886: O: proll -- JavaStation PROM 2.x compatible replacement

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal

I intend to orphan the proll package. Ideally either a SPARC
porter or the QEMU team (although it switched to use another
implementation) should have preference over the adoption, if
they so desire.

I've just fixed multiple build failures with the upload, so it
should be now in an ok state.

The package description is:
 Proll is a 2.x PROM compatible replacement for JavaStations, that can
 be used on emulators such as Qemu or to make possible to boot Linux, as
 later 3.x series of the PROMs are unable to boot it.
 JavaStations came with two different PROMs installed in them. Version 2.30
 shipped with the earliest Mr. Coffee models, that was updated by latter
 versions of the Sun Netra J software environment to 3.11. Krups and
 Espresso came with 3.x versions of the PROM by default.

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