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Re: Bug#658718: ITP: phpvirtualbox-4.0 -- An open source, AJAX implementation of the VirtualBox user interface written in PHP.

Am 05.02.2012 16:31, schrieb Christoph Egger:
   I guess compatible with 4.1 means compatible with virtualbox 4.1? As
unstable currently has 4.1 (and will definitely not release with 4.0)
and your pacakge will surely never enter squeeze what's the point in a
4.0 package? I'm also wondering whether upstream is commited to do
(security) fixes for 4.0 or are you intending and able to do the fixing?

Hi, thanks for the statement.

Yes, 4.0 works with vbox 4.0 and phpvb 4.1 works with vbox 4.1 instances.

phpvirtualbox connects to the soap interface of the vbox-installation, this could be any kind of host (rhel running vbox, windows running vbox) so there is no direct dependency to the vbox pkg in debian.

Debian is often used on servers, so I think it's worth to provide phpvirtualbox as package (not only for vbox instances on the same server).

The Innotek-team still maintains 3.2.x and 4.0 branches (surpisingly even under Oracle). The 4.1.x version is the current "development" or lets say evolving version and I guess there are still 3.2 and 4.0 installations out there in "stable" deployments. (Personally I still deploy 4.0 , 4.1 only on the backup/testing node)

I understood your objection, but hopefully I explained my intentions clearly ;-)

I'm able to use the debian/patches directory and test the resulting pkg. I'm not in direct contact with upstream, but I could sent some patch requests. I doubt, I will be able to track every CVE issue concerning php5.

I've uploaded the packages on mentors already, please let me know, if I could save my breath for sending a RFS-mail.

Thanks and kind regards,

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