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Re: lack of replacement for linux-vserver

Bernd Zeimetz <bernd@bzed.de> writes:

> On 01/31/2012 10:37 PM, Ben Hutchings wrote:
> [...]
>> If anyone wishes to volunteer to maintain VServer in Debian - you are
>> very welcome, but please start by addressing the bugs filed against
>> them in squeeze and reviewing the existing conflicts.  If you can
>> prove yourself by doing that, then you may convince me and the rest of
>> the kernel team that you can maintain it in wheezy as well.
>> Otherwise, no chance.
>> The above all applies to OpenVZ as well, and what I've suggested to is
>> that the interested developers maintain an APT repository of kernel
>> packages for Debian using whichever version the OpenVZ project is
>> prepared to support.  Maybe the Linux-VServer project can do that too.
> I've tried to convince the linux-vserver developers on various ocassions
> on irc to work together with a person of their choice from Debian to
> maintain the patch for stable releases. But they are not willing to
> support Debian as they neither use Debian nor have any interest in
> supporting the Debian kernel.

Hmm, I do not agree on that representation of upstream's position. On
the contrary, they are happy to not only port the Linux-Vserver patches
to work with the Debian kernel's set of patches, but also keeping those
kernels up-to-date, as long as they are working with someone in Debian
who can do the 'debian-specific' work.

Neither of the two active upstream developers use Debian as a host, so
they would not be people who use the kernel or have any vested interest
in it. Their position is that if someone inside Debian steps up to do
the 'debian-specific' work, they have no problem working with that
person with both an initial port to the Debian kernel, or keeping those
kernels up-to-date.


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