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Re: lack of replacement for linux-vserver

On 01/31/2012 10:37 PM, Ben Hutchings wrote:
> If anyone wishes to volunteer to maintain VServer in Debian - you are
> very welcome, but please start by addressing the bugs filed against
> them in squeeze and reviewing the existing conflicts.  If you can
> prove yourself by doing that, then you may convince me and the rest of
> the kernel team that you can maintain it in wheezy as well.
> Otherwise, no chance.
> The above all applies to OpenVZ as well, and what I've suggested to is
> that the interested developers maintain an APT repository of kernel
> packages for Debian using whichever version the OpenVZ project is
> prepared to support.  Maybe the Linux-VServer project can do that too.

I've tried to convince the linux-vserver developers on various ocassions
on irc to work together with a person of their choice from Debian to
maintain the patch for stable releases. But they are not willing to
support Debian as they neither use Debian nor have any interest in
supporting the Debian kernel.

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