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Re: Question about linux kernel modules

On Fri, 2012-01-27 at 17:20 -0430, Luis Alejandro Martínez Faneyth
> Hi,
> I was wondering what was the package (or packages) where linux kernel
> modules that are not shipped with it (i.e. not included in the
> linux-image package) are packaged.

Various packages for different projects.

> For example, Realtek's rtl8192se module as pointed on the wiki [1], was
> inserted on Linux 3.0.0~rc1-1~experimental.1. Previous kernel versions
> don't have support for it, so you either install a new kernel or
> compile/package it for the current kernel.
> My question: is there any team packaging these kernel modules that are
> not inserted on previous kernels but released in newer ones?

Are you asking whether this module can be provided in stable?  If so,
report a bug against src:linux-2.6 version 2.6.32-41 (the current
version in stable-proposed-updates) requesting a backport of this


Ben Hutchings
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