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Re: dpkg-source again broken wrt to 3.0 (quilt)???

On Mi, 18 Jan 2012, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> It would be nice if you could avoid the "flaming tone" in all your mails.
> In particular since most of the time it ends up being a mistake of yours.

And it would be nice if dpkg-buildpackage gives a decent error message.
What is shipped here is plain incomprehensible. 

How should I *guess* that patching files in debian is not allowed in
quilt (3.0), since it was in older versions (I am quite sure you remeber
that) of source standards.

Am I supposed to dig into the source of dpkg-buildpackage/dpkg-source?

> But if the debian directory already contains changes which are part of the
> patches, then it will fail trying to re-apply those changes.

So well, but if out of some crazy reasin I *want* to do that, then 
dpkg-* should tell me: Sorry, this is not possible with quilt (3.0),
please go back to 1.0 source format (which was anyway a better IMHO).

Since we are at quilt 3.0 bashing: Maybe you can give me a rational
why I *ALWAYS* have to type in
	export QUILT_PATCHES=debian/patches
before working with debian source packages?  And when I forget it
I get hurt by quilt?

Is this the *easy*handling* as promised?

And NO, I wil lnot set this by default in my env, since I am working
with quilt in several other projects out of debian, and I cannot afford
getting even worse bitten.

> There's a lintian error for this if for some reason you still manage to
> build it:

No I didn't managed, as I wrote.

Best wishes

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