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More tags for scope::* ?

[reposted to debian-devel because the issue is tricky and more people
 hopefully mean more clues]


Let's look at the uses of the scope facet:

It would be nice if we could say "if a package has role::program, then
it should also have some scope::* tag". However, the current contents of
the scope facet are probably not enough to cover all programs in Debian:


Those reports show(especially the second link that is sorted by
popularity) quite a bit of programs that are neither apps nor utilities:

 - essential system management: login, apt, bsdmainutils, passwd, udev,
   dbus, consolekit, nfs-common, rsyslog, portmap, acpid, ...
 - system services: openssh-server, exim4-daemon-light, ...
 - compilers and interpreters: perl, python2.6, ...

"scope::infrastructure" is a new tag that would come to mind, although
I'm not sure it would really cut it for compilers and interpreters, when
seen as development tools, although in a way they are.




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