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Re: Bug#655185: RFP: pxz -- parallel xz compressor

Chow Loong Jin wrote:
> > Good question. Not sure if pristine-tar supports xz already at all.
> I thought it did, but upon closer inspection, it looks like pristine-tar has
> been generating deltas for banshee's xz tarballs from ftp.gnome.org larger than
> the original tarballs themselves.

A bug which I've fixed.

If a significant number of xz files turn out to be produced by pxz,
pristine-tar can certainly use it. (AFAIK, a parallelized compressor
will always produce different output than a non-parallel one, since it
compresses blocks independently.) So far, out of the 200 or so
.orig.tar.xz files in Debian, I am only able to reproduce around 50%
with my currently not very good pristine-xz implementation.

Anyway, I mostly wanted to say that it's a fallacy to worry that adding
a novel compressor to Debian will cause problems for pristine-tar. If
you're creating a tarball and want to use pristine-tar on it, you should
steer clear of things it doesn't support, but most upstreams probably
don't know or care about pristine-tar.

see shy jo

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